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Will present my new “Outlier blindness” paper joint with Mike Woodford at the AFA in January 2019

Presented at the BX2018 Conference on June 25 – 26, 2018

Presented at the inaugural symposium of the Sloan-Nomis program on Attentional and Perceptual Foundations of Economic Behavior (Oct 2017)

More infor­ma­tion here.

Presented at TEDxSydney on Wednesday 25 May, 2016.

Very glad that my TED talk was so well received! Thanks so much to the audi­ence for being so enthu­si­as­tic and live­ly, it was a very enjoy­able expe­ri­ence :-)

Among the numer­ous ques­tions that I got after the talk, there was a lot of inquiries as to whether I advise reg­u­la­tors and com­pa­nies, using the insights from my research.

The answer is yes and you can con­tact me direct­ly at for any inquiries.

Presented at Princeton & Columbia seminars in Feb 2016

I’m delight­ed to be sched­uled to present at the Prince­ton & Colum­bia sem­i­nars in Feb­ru­ary 2016. I will take advan­tage of the trip to spend a cou­ple of weeks in the US. Please let me know if you would be inter­est­ed in meet­ing with me at that time!

Our “After-Effects” paper selected for the NBER Summer Institute

Very excit­ed to learn that Mike Wood­ford and Andrew Caplin select­ed my after-effects paper coau­thored with Lion­nel Pradier and Tal­is Put­nins for the ses­sion they are chair­ing at the NBER Sum­mer Insti­tute 2015 EFG research group work­shop on Behav­ioral Macro in Boston. Look­ing for­ward to the dis­cus­sions!

Update: Unfor­tu­nate­ly, I’ve had to can­cel all trav­el due to health issues, so I won’t be attend­ing the ses­sion in Boston this year. Please do get in touch if you’d like to dis­cuss the paper though.

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NYU Neuroeconomics Seminar

UPDATE: I had to post­pone this vis­it to this Tues­day Decem­ber 6th. Every­thing below still applies. I will be in New York until Mon­day Decem­ber 12th ear­ly after­noon, so please feel free to con­tact me if you want to meet.

I am thrilled to have been invit­ed to present my cur­rent research at the Neu­roe­co­nom­ics sem­i­nar of NYU’s Cen­ter for Neu­roe­co­nom­ics. I will thus be in New York around April 26th, and I would like to take advan­tage of this trip to meet with inter­est­ed per­sons in the extend­ed NY area.

So please feel free to con­tact me if you would like to meet dur­ing that week. I will strive to accom­mo­date every­one inter­est­ed. Many thanks!

ANZ Workshop on Experimental Economics

UNSW is co-orga­niz­ing with the Uni­ver­si­ty of Syd­ney the 5th Aus­tralia-New Zealand Work­shop on Exper­i­men­tal Eco­nom­ics on Nov 26 – 28. I will be pre­sent­ing my ongo­ing research and I am look­ing for­ward to inter­act­ing with my col­leagues in Eco­nom­ics.

If you are attend­ing the work­shop and would like to dis­cuss with me, please send me an email or just come and meet me dur­ing the con­fer­ence :-)

Neuroscience Fundamentals course at UNSW

The Neu­ro­science Fun­da­men­tals course at UNSW seems to be a very good course for any finance stu­dent will­ing to explore Neu­ro­fi­nance as a research area. I would encour­age all stu­dents to look at this oppor­tu­ni­ty to build an intro back­ground in neu­ro­science, as the inter­sec­tion of neu­ro­science and finance is a very promis­ing field.

If you‘re think­ing of explor­ing this area, I‘ll be glad to see you to dis­cuss this: please email me to get an appoint­ment. Below is the abstract of the course:

This course is a cross-Fac­ul­ty offer­ing that will address six big ques­tions in mod­ern neu­ro­science. A new ques­tion will be explored each fort­night in lec­tures, a lab­o­ra­to­ry class and tuto­r­i­al. The focus of the course is on the range of dis­ci­plines that con­tribute to the field of neu­ro­science, and each fortnight’s top­ic will be taught by aca­d­e­mics from two or more dis­ci­plines using an inte­grat­ed approach. Stu­dents will devel­op an insight into how prob­lems in neu­ro­science are inves­ti­gat­ed and an appre­ci­a­tion of some cur­rent issues. The course is a com­pul­so­ry part of the Neu­ro­science study plan in Advanced Sci­ence (NEURA13972) but is open to oth­er stu­dents. Although there are no fixed pre-req­ui­sites, stu­dents are advised that the fol­low­ing cours­es will pro­vide a use­ful back­ground: ANAT2511 BIOC2101 PHPH2101 PSYC2081.


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