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NYU Neuroeconomics Seminar

UPDATE: I had to post­pone this vis­it to this Tues­day Decem­ber 6th. Every­thing below still applies. I will be in New York until Mon­day Decem­ber 12th ear­ly after­noon, so please feel free to con­tact me if you want to meet.

I am thrilled to have been invit­ed to present my cur­rent research at the Neu­roe­co­nom­ics sem­i­nar of NYU’s Cen­ter for Neu­roe­co­nom­ics. I will thus be in New York around April 26th, and I would like to take advan­tage of this trip to meet with inter­est­ed per­sons in the extend­ed NY area.

So please feel free to con­tact me if you would like to meet dur­ing that week. I will strive to accom­mo­date every­one inter­est­ed. Many thanks!